Having no floor is like having no roof!

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Variety of Options

With our company’s experience in the flooring spanning more than 2 decades, we’ve worked this far with every flooring type installations – from hardwood and parquet

Long-lasting Quality

With so many different types of flooring options out there, some of them are more durable and long-lasting than the others, but at the end of the day the quality of all of them is outstanding!

Making our own wood flooring

We pride ourselves in being able to supply our own products, manufactured to European standards with full quality control over the whole chain of production, from seed to floor.

Affordable Pricing

Despite our range of flooring products varying greatly, one thing it all has in common is the superior quality and the most affordable and fair pricetags attached!

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With decades of home renovation experience at hand, we always were able to do all our installations ourselves. Still, as we’ve recently had yet another home renovation Product at hand and eventually, when flooring 10000 square feet with the solid oak, we hired this company so they help us! Deborah Quagmire

When I purchased my new home in Kiev, it urgently needed a renovation. So while in the process of that, I stumbled upon a subject that I never knew before – namely which specific flooring type should I choose for every given room. Eventually, I hired these guys to land me a hand! Benedict Arnold

I would like to thank your company for supplying a great quality floor which looks fantastic. Special thanks to Viktor who had great advice for this unusual project. I have also used the leftover boards to create a dining table. As a developer, it’s not the first time I’ve used your company and it won’t be the last. Gerald Cutler

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