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Pick the hardwood flooring that you like, we have hundreds of these!

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Natural Wood Floor

We are able to install just any kind of flooring!

Wood Floorings

In case you’ve ever found yourself in a situation, when you’ve been choosing a wood flooring, then you probably know how immense the diversity is…

Own Production

Drevmarket specialists carefully monitor the full cycle of production of parquet and massive boards – from the purchase of round wood and its sawing to sorting parquet by variety and its packaging.

High quality

We are 100% confident in the quality of our products, and this confidence is the key to our success. All our products, the trademark Drevmarket, are ready for styling.

Eco-friendly Flooring

With the trend for eco-friendliness now being more relevant than ever, the flooring industry does not just stand by idly. In fact, over the course of the last few years…

What wood floorings can we produce?

Oak solid hardwood flooring

Oak solid wood flooring

Our solid wood flooring is a great choice for anyone looking for a luxurious.

Our History

Launched in 2001 by two young entrepreneurs with years of global experience and knowledge in the flooring business
Drevmarket  Flooring is here to provide you exceptional quality of oak flooring at unbelievably low prices at your doorstep! That’s what differentiates us from our competitors.

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Flooring Options: Hardwood Flooring
Flooring Options: Hardwood Flooring

This option is by far the most coveted one, if we’re talking about flooring options facing homeowners. The hardwood flooring, as opposed to a kind of similar engineered wood flooring has a…

Solid wood flooring
Solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring, just as much as the engineered wood flooring is one good alternative to regular hardwood floors. The advantage that it has is indeed the longevity and durability – making it the…


When I purchased my new home in Kiev, it urgently needed a renovation. So while in the process of that, I stumbled upon a subject that I never knew before – namely which specific flooring type should I choose for every given room. Eventually, I hired these guys to land me a hand! Deborah Quagmire

I would like to thank your company for supplying a great quality floor which looks fantastic. I have also used the leftover boards to create a dining table. As a developer, it’s not the first time I’ve used your company and it won’t be the las Benedict Arnold