Ash Solid Flooring

Project details

  • Wood: Ash
  • Thickness : 15mm, 20mm
  • Humidity: 8-12%
  • Grade: Natur, Rustic
  • Width: : 500-2000mm

Ash wood flooring

as you would imagine, comes from ash trees. Ash trees are quite unusual in the sense that within the family of ash trees, there are both evergreen and deciduous trees, so there is the potential for both soft and hardwoods to emanate from this species.

Within the ash tree, there are two distinct colourings; there is the sapwood that is almost white and then the heartwood that ranges in colour from a warm beige colour to a dark brown.

The perfect cross-over look between contemporary and classic.

Light and blond in appearance. Ash has a vivid and stylish grain pattern and lightens any room. The floors have a lively and vibrant quality.


width length thickness
100 500 – 1200 15
120 600 – 2600 15
140 600 – 2600 15
160 600 – 2600 20
180 600 – 2600 20


Please let us assist you with any questions and/or concerns.