Ash timber export

Ash Timber Suppliers

We offer high-quality edged and unedged ash and oak timber 

Ash Wood export

Ash is a hardwood and it is robust and stable but elastic wood.

The wood has been popular for flooring, furniture, doors ..

We select the best logs from Ukraine forests to be sure that we provide the best, veneer-quality material.


Unedged Timber, Ash Board

Unedged ash tree board. It’s waney-sawn timber with the bark left after log sawing. This timber type is widely used in construction for exterior finishing works. Thanks to its low cost, the unedged board has a great run and is very popular.

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Size  for European Ash

Our cut to size timber is untreated and is most commonly dried in kilns to remove moisture content. Sawn Ash is ideal if you don’t have the facility to cut timber down in-house. The size restrictions for European Ash are as follows:

Min: 26mm – Max: 80mm

Min: 25mm – Max 200mm

Min: 0.4m – Max 4m

Cut to size timber is rough sawn and requires working on before use and effective polishing, so if you want to apply your own finish and work on the timber yourself this is the ideal product for you.

Export Floorings

DREVMARKET is a manufacturing and distributing company of wood products in , oak, ash, maple and other

We have extensive experience in the timber industry and offer expertise, pioneering technology and production processes, to provide the best results and the best option in each case.


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